Can the telecoms/cable companies break into the alarm industry? I've got news for you, they already have. And although the companies that traditionally bring you an un-healty dose of The View and Jerry Springer re-runs are making another go of it to gain market share, it appears as if they are gaining some ground. When I was in college back in 2000 (an eternity ago) I remember the buzz about Time Warner Cable piloting their entrance into the alarm intrusion world in select markets. They failed. They didn't understand the business. They didn't realize what all the other alarm companies had already realized; there were a lot of headaches that came along with the alarm business that they were not prepared for. About two years ago I had a conversation [...]

I have 3 left, do you want one?

Have you ever been approached by a door-to-door alarm salesman? About 10 years ago I learned about this "revolutionary" new way to sell alarm systems. We (me and my team) were to go door-to-door with 3 alarm yard signs (at the time ADT). We were to identify a neighbor hood where the homes were close together so that we could hit as many homes as possible. Once we got someone who would listen, we would hit them with the pitch. The pitch went something like this: "Hello m'am my boss was driving around the area, and realized that we didn't have any customers in your neighborhood. He gave me some alarm systems to give away for FREE to anyone who wanted it. It is worth about $1500, but he is [...]

If it's FREE it's for me?

When facing the decision to purchase an alarm system, many consumers find themselves in a bit of a quandary. Do I sign up with a company that will offer a FREE alarm system, or do I make an investment for a system upfront, with a local company. I want to go over the differences between the two. First, I will start with the companies that offer a “Free” alarm system: Typically, the companies that are offering you a Free (or close to Free) system, are offering a system that comes with a contract. This may or may not be an issue to you, because if you are going to be staying at your location for a long period of time, you can take advantage of the free offer. If you will [...]

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