Date published: 2012-02-06
Review Item: Go!Control

2GiG originated from a pair of Honeywell employees who wanted to buck the mainstream. They were tired of hearing from the corporate powers-that-be that Honeywell shouldn’t be competing against “2 guys in a garage” type alarm manufacturers. They ventured out, and started a product line that has taken the alarm industry by storm. Their products have a vast range of devices, and include a very appealing touch-screen in their Go Control Panel. Soon after they were able to implement their panels in many dealer programs, they were purchased by Linear.




  • Nice color touch screen
  • Easy user interface
  • Simple programming logic
  • Can learn both 2GiG and Honeywell wireless sensors out of the box, and can learn GE products with the use of a translator
  • Optional second color touchscreen


  • No multiple partitions
  • Limited to the Honeywell sensors it can learn
  • Deep form factor protrudes from the wall and “sticks out” a bit
  • Siren not very loud
  • All-In-one unit is easily defeated if not connected to alarm.com with crash-and-smash


A very nice and attractive panel for the “Free” alarm market. We are very anxious to see the much anticipated 7″ color touch screen, as well as the “Keypadless” system that has been discussed.

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